EU-India strategic partnership: Taking the stock

Alok Rashmi Mukhopadhyay
Content Type
Working Paper
Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, University of Calcutta
The prevalent perception of the European Union (EU) in India is predominantly constructed by the British and American media. At the time of a global economic downturn, its ripple effects on the continent especially on the 'PIIGS' (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) and an imminent crack in the Eurozone have been the debate of the day. In a recent article in The National Interest, James Joyner, has however examined this genre of 'Europe's obituary'. Making a comparison with EU's transatlantic sibling, he identifies three errors in this type of analyses, 'treating the EU as if it were a nation-state, regarding anything less than utopia as a failure, and projecting short-term trends long into the future'. However Joyner is also right when he describes the EU as 'a confusing array of overlapping treaty commitments'.
Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Economics, International Trade and Finance, Bilateral Relations
Political Geography
United Kingdom, America, Europe, India, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland