The Western Balkan Candidates for NATO Membership and Partnership

David Greenwood
Content Type
Working Paper
Centre for European Security Studies
The first and second waves of post-Cold War NATO enlargement by-passed the Western Balkans. Next time, though, it will be different. Three countries of the region – Albania, Croatia and Macedonia – want to join the Organisation as soon as possible and are preparing for accession by taking part in the Membership Action Plan (MAP) process. Indeed, currently they are the only states so engaged. A fourth country, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has membership aspirations also. However this state, or quasi-state, must first meet the conditions set for its admission to NATO's non-members' club – Partnership for Peace (PfP). No less keen to earn the recognition that PfP status confers is Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) which, as one country or two, may seek membership in due course.
Political Geography
Europe, Balkans, Albania