Europe's Dependence on Russian Natural Gas: Perspectives and Recommendations for a Long-term Strategy

Richard J. Anderson
Content Type
Working Paper
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
The European Union 27 currently rely on Russia for almost 38% of their imported natural gasÍž this dependency will become significantly greater if European states implement their currently formulated energy policies. With plans to phase out nuclear power in several European countries, the EU goal to reduce coal consumption thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and the depletion of domestic sources of gas, reliance on Russia will rise to 50 to 60% of all gas imports within the next two decades if different energy policies are not adopted. The EU and greater Europe will soon find themselves in an extremely dangerous position due to the everincreasing dependence on Russian natural gas. These countries must work together now to produce a coherent diversification strategy.
International Trade and Finance, Natural Resources
Political Geography
Russia, Europe, Asia