Not Too Far: The Cyprus Crises of 1963-74 and Lessons for Present Day Iraq

Barin Kayaoglu
Content Type
Journal Article
Insight Turkey
Issue Number
Publication Date
April - June 2008
SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research
The Cyprus tragedy of the past and the Iraq predicament of our times bear striking similarities. Cyprus of the 1960s and 1970s is not too far from Iraq in 2008. The main thrust of this article is that Cyprus presents a useful case study for contemporary decision-makers in the United States, Turkey, and Iraq. Just like the Cyprus question, which has caused nearly irreparable damage to the relations between Turkey, Greece, and the United States, policies that are not carefully crafted by Washington, Ankara, Erbil, and Baghdad could lead to a very problematic future for the Middle East. In a nutshell, this article offers a cautionary analysis by drawing on the experiences of the Cyprus tragedy for the purpose of avoiding a similar one in Iraq.
Conflict Prevention, War
Political Geography
United States, Iraq, Turkey, Middle East