Women NGOs and the War in Chechnya

Tatiana Sivaeva
Content Type
Working Paper
Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, City University of New York
Today people from all over the world are discussing the situation in the Republic of Chechnya. Thousands of articles on this issue has been published, hundreds of speeches and programs have been broadcast on radio and television. They discuss political, economical, ethical aspects of the war. For the international community the issues of primary concern are violation of human rights and aggression against civil population of Chechnya. At the same time Russian media and population seem especially worried about the situation within the Russian Army and with economical consequences of the war. But all the vigorous discussions that go on about Chechnya often miss one very important point, which is its gender aspect.
Gender Issues, Human Welfare, Non-Governmental Organization
Political Geography
Russia, Europe, Chechnya