Women's NGOs in the System of Civil Society of Ukraine

Lyudmyla Smolyar
Content Type
Working Paper
Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, City University of New York
The effectiveness of the world's development and reforms is directly linked to the quality of its human resources, the rate of human development and its optimal application at the world, regional and state levels. Within the system of the world development and reforms, Ukraine strives to build a civil society on humanitarian principles, which are a precondition for a democratic state. An important part of democracy formation is gender democracy, which proclaims the imperatives of social, political and human rights without gender discrimination. Gender democracy is a system of expressing the desires of the two sexes – men and women – in a civil society as equals in their rights and opportunities, which are guaranteed by the legislation and practically supported by political and legislative principles and acts, as well as by the construction of social and state structures with consideration for gender interests and needs. Gender democracy in practice is based on the principle of equal and equivalent dignity according to which social justice is provided for both. Gender democracy is a multifaceted phenomenon, it primarily serves as an inner principle, which is at the core of the system of real democracy in the society. Society, built on such an organizational and functional paradigm, can provide human and civil rights, build a fair and humanistic political system, reform the economy on a base which guarantees personal freedom for both men and women, and create a humanistic culture. The multi – directional development of real democracy in society makes it possible to establish and develop gender democracy and guarantee its future.
Gender Issues, Human Welfare, Non-Governmental Organization
Political Geography
Europe, Ukraine