The Sky Is Falling : Market Reforms and the Re-Emergence of Discrimination Against Women in China

Molly Padgett-Cross
Content Type
Working Paper
Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, City University of New York
Post-Mao China is a country of contentious debate. 1978 market reforms ushered in an astounding improvement in domestic living standards and secured the PRC's role in international trade. With a post-1978 average of 7% increase in GDP year-on- year, the country claims growth more than three times the global average. Continued reforms and their resulting economic improvement leave no doubt of government commitment to fuqiang (to be rich and powerful), as summed by Deng Xiaoping's oft-quoted sentiment, “To be rich is glorious.” However, in the government's desire to ma intain its legitimacy through expanding the private sector and maintaining impressive GDP growth, the state often neglects the welfare of individuals, particularly women.
Development, Gender Issues, Human Rights
Political Geography