Participation in International Development Discourse and Practice. 'State of the Art' and Challenges

Frank Bliss, Stefan Neumann
Content Type
Working Paper
Institute for Development and Peace
Participation has become one of the most important buzzwords in the international development discourse since at least the middle of the 1990s. In the same way as older key terms such as gender and socio-cultural conditions of development, or new concepts such as good governance and ownership, the increasing claims for participation (of target groups, of beneficiaries, of stake-holders etc.) are usually accompanied by a critical assessment of previous development cooperation which needs to be improved by stronger, more comprehensive or target-oriented participation. However, this positive connotation of participation shared by almost all actors in the field is increasingly challenged through critical remarks forwarded by theoreticians and practitioners alike.
Civil Society, International Cooperation, Politics, Poverty
Political Geography
Central Asia