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Turkish Review
Turkish Review is an English-language magazine published six times a year. We aim to act as a forum for both peer-reviewed academic articles and journalistic pieces on Turkey's politics, society, economy, culture and history, explored within domestic and international contexts. That is, we are a review of three things: events within Turkey; developments outside of but relevant to Turkey; and global affairs from a Turkish perspective. By "Turkish perspective" we mean adopting a constructive approach, with an inter-disciplinary, inclusive, in-depth and insightful attitude, while maintaining accessibility, originality and objectivity; above all making use of constructive, non-Orientalist, de-colonialist and dialogic language. Turkey lies at the center of (and is itself) a diverse geography, and the wide-ranging texts and backgrounds of our contributors reflect this. The opinions represented and conclusions drawn are those of the authors alone, and do not in any way construe endorsement by Turkish Review, its parent company, or affiliate organizations. *NOTE FROM CIAO: This journal is no longer active.*
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