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Center for Strategic Studies (CSS)

The Center for Strategic Studies was established in 1984 as the first academic center in the University of Jordan. Therefore, it was the first to hold studies and research in the fields of regional conflict, international relations, and security. The result of the democratic transfer in the kingdom in 1989 was that the center widen its activities to include planning and research in the new fields of democracy, political pluralism, development, and the environment. Through the last decade, the center organized several seminars and conferences, and conducted several opinion polls with the goal of providing researchers and policy makers with facts and data that wasn’t available by other means. The building of the center was first constructed in 1948 in order to be the first school of agriculture in Jordan, and in 1962 it became the presidential office of the University of Jordan, then the office of the Dean for Academic Research in 1987. The building became the Center for Strategic Studies in 1995.
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