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Council on International Policy (CIP)

The Council on International Policy (CIP) is an independent non-profit and non-partisan foreign policy and international affairs think tank co-founded by Navid Hassibi, J. Berkshire Miller and Wisam Salih. The CIP is incorporated in Canada under the Not-for-profit Corporations Act as the “Council on International Policy – North America”. The CIP aims to provide a forum for discussion on emerging and pressing international issues. In doing so, the CIP publishes the Foreign Policy Project, an online journal dedicated to international affairs. Its intent is to provide opinions, perspectives, insight, timely analysis, and recommendations on pressing global issues. The Foreign Policy Project is a non-ideological and unbiased platform whose target audience varies from the concerned global citizen to foreign policy students, practitioners, and experts. The Foreign Policy Project aims to be an influential online forum where international issues are debated and where policy alternatives are developed.
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