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Elcano Royal Institute

The Elcano Royal Institute is a think-tank for international and strategic studies that analyses world events and trends from European and global perspectives. The Institute was established in 2001 as a private foundation. The Institute’s nature and composition guarantee both its non-partisan character and its independence, by integrating and representing the interests of public bodies, private companies and other political and social players. Both the Public Administration and the firms that support the Institute have a say in its governance and day-to-day running through the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. The Institute produces thre basic types of document: the Expert Comments, which are an immediate response to international events relevant to Spain (800-1,000 words), the Analyses of the Royal Institute (or ARI), concise papers of around 3,000 words on a relevant international topic; and Working Papers, which are longer academic studies (including footnotes and comprehensive bibliographies) of around 12,000-15,000 words on medium- or longer-term issues. The Institute also publishes the Elcano Reports, interviews uploaded from Elcano Royal Institute Youtube channel and books in different formats. Some, such as the Elcano Global Presence Index, are released on a regular basis.
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