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Sakarya University (SAU)

Sakarya University School of Engineering and Architecture, which was established in 1970, is the foundation of Sakarya University. The university aims to raise individuals who are equipped with all kinds of skills required by contemporary civilization. The school was transformed into Sakarya State Architecture and Engineering Academy in 1971 and provided education as a faculty affiliated to Istanbul Technical University between 1982-1992. Sakarya University was established with the law numbered 3837 and dated July 3, 1992. Our university, which has rapidly completed its academic and technical infrastructure comparing the other universities established after 1990, is the first and only state university to have ISO-2002 Quality Certificate and "EFQM Excellence Quality Certificate of Competency Level". The university also sets an example for many universities with its laboratory, education and social services, internet infrastructure and breakthroughs in the informatics sector. To gain our graduate students scientific thinking ability and to ensure that they become part of the university's social fabric, To create an academic climate that will allow mutual learning and development, To contribute the realization of our University's mission and vision declaration, To research in subject which directly related to the public and social environment and being directive, To contribute to the competitiveness of business world with our research and training activities, To support the development of national graduate policy through close collaboration with YÖK, other universities and institutes, To organize activities which contribute to development of our country with official institutions and civil society in Sakarya.
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