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MIT Center for International Studies

The Center for International Studies (CIS) aims to support and promote international research and education at MIT. The Center has traditionally been aligned with the social sciences while working with MIT’s premier science and engineering scholars whenever possible. We produce research that creatively addresses global issues, while helping to educate the next generation of global citizens. The work and expertise of CIS-affiliated scholars inform public opinion, government decision makers, international organizations, and the MIT community. The Center’s programs, projects, and the individual output of faculty, staff, and graduate students are reflected in research, public outreach, and publications. CIS includes 120 members of MIT faculty and staff, mainly drawn from the departments of political science and urban studies, and visiting scholars from around the world. The Center is committed to supporting diversity, inclusion, equity, and well-being among the students, faculty, staff, and visitors who form our community. The Center’s annual budget is roughly $11.4 million. Our work is supported by individual donors, foundations, and governments. We also receive support from endowment income and MIT.
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