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European Union Studies Center

The European Union Studies Center (EUSC) was established in 1993 under the directorship of Hugo M. Kaufmann, Professor of Economics at Queens College and at the Graduate Center. The EUSC is dedicated to promoting research and debate on the diverse issues and challenges facing the European Union. The approach to the research and analysis is interdisciplinary; it includes political, economic, legal, social and cultural aspects of the Union as a whole, as well as relations between European Union member states, and the European Union's relationship to the rest of the world. The emphasis of the studies reflects developments in the EU, especially its transition to the single currency and the European Union's Defense Initiative (and its relation to NATO). In addition, the Center explores the challenges of the Union's enlargement through the accession of central and eastern European countries, and, finally, the grand visions of a future for Europe -- from Confederacy to Federation: Quo vadis Europa? *NOTE FROM CIAO: This institution no longer publishes original research.*
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