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Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues

The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, founded in 1994 with a generous gift from Trustee Henry Clarke, brings the unique strengths of an interdisciplinary liberal arts perspective to the critical examination of pressing contemporary issues. The Clarke Forum connects the students and faculty of Dickinson College and members of the broader community with scholars, practicing professionals and activists through the use of lectures, seminars, and conferences. By encouraging engagement with these visitors in ways that allow for dialogue and critical reflection, The Clarke Forum helps prepare students to become knowledgeable, productive, and intellectually active citizens and leaders. The Clarke Forum also provides a space where faculty from many perspectives can come together to discuss ideas and solutions to social problems. With events that are free and open to the public, The Clarke Forum is a vital part of the community, continually enhancing public awareness and understanding of critical contemporary issues. Students are involved in all aspects of Clarke Forum activities: designing, planning, producing and broadcasting programs. Much of the Forum's day-to-day program implementation is in the hands of its Student Project Managers. The Clarke Forum also sponsors a Student Partnership Program which encourages collaborative work between the Forum's Project Manager's and students at area high schools. Clarke Forum students mentor high school students by training them in web-based research, desktop publishing, and preparation of promotional materials. The Clarke Forum believes that knowledge and understanding are gained through critical reflection and the informed exchange of divergent ideas, and facilitates such dialogue across the disciplines.
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