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Austrian National Defence Academy

The Austrian National Defence Academy [Landesverteidigungsakademie] is the highest military training and research institution of the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF). It acts the "brain trust" of the AAF, and serves the forces and the MoD with: approx. 240 employees, including 35 conscripts, approx. 2,000 students, including 100 international students, 150 courses, 5-10 international events, 200 individual lectures, and more than 10,000 teaching units p. Tasks: Research and Training Basic training for higher officers is offered in: General Staff Course, Higher Quartermaster Officers' Course, and the Course for Higher Military Services. Staff officers' training (career and reserve) Training for leaders Teaching, research, and lectures in the fields of security, defence, and military politics Research and development in the fields of military strategy, operations, and tactics Teaching, research, and lectures in the field of security policy considering aspects of humanities and social sciences. Language training of the AAF.
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