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International Women's Development Agency (IWDA)

IWDA is an Australian-based organisation which resources diverse women’s rights organisations, primarily in Asia and the Pacific. We also contribute to global feminist movements to advance our vision of gender equality for all. We have worked for more than 35 years to defend and advance the rights of diverse women and girls. Our roots are in the development sector, as Australia’s only development organisation entirely focused on gender equality. This brings strengths in the form of deep and long-lasting relationships with the network of women’s rights organisations we support. And increasingly, our future lies as part of the global feminist movement. IWDA’s approach represents a third way between the models of women’s funds and international development NGOs: we resource the work of diverse women’s rights organisations, enable them to be more effective by providing support that goes beyond money, and we make our own contributions to feminist movements through advocacy, knowledge creation and translation.
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