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Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS), Copenhagen Business School

We are an interdisciplinary research centre on business and development studies based at Copenhagen Business School. We carry out critical, engaged and theoretically-driven research on the roles of business, government and civil society in promoting inclusive, just and sustainable development – with a focus on power dynamics, inequalities and marginalized actors in the global South. Our main research efforts are around a number of collaborative projects with institutions based in the global South, and include substantial components of research capacity building. CBDS researchers and their partners blend passion and pragmatism, and seek to examine the roots of economic, social and environmental problems in the global South – rather than only addressing their manifestations. CBDS also feeds research-based teaching into the MSc programme on Business and Development Studies (BaDS) at CBS, which trains students to think critically and operate ethically in business and other professional realms. Finally, CBDS provides expertise to policy makers, business, industry associations and civil society groups.
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