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Centre for the Study of Security and Development, Dalhousie University

The Centre for the Study of Security and Development (CSSD) is a multi-disciplinary network of scholars, working together to explore the complex intersections of security and development. There has been a growing recognition among scholars and policy-makers that security and development are interconnected parts of a much broader and more complex web of global phenomena, which strain the capacity of national governments to provide for the collective autonomy, safety, prosperity, and well-being of citizens. Conflict within and between states tears the social fabric, causes dislocation and refugee crises, and disrupts trade and investment. Poverty and inequality create tensions within societies which may spur terrorism, communal violence or civil war. Environmental disruptions trigger conflicts over natural resources and the spread of disease across national boundaries. The CSSD is dedicated to increasing our understanding of these complex challenges and inform the development of new policies and institutions to meet them. Our diverse community of fellows brings to bear expertise from a variety of academic disciplines, including Political Science, History, Sociology, and Law, as well as experience in government service, the military, and other fields. *NOTE FROM CIAO: This institution no longer publishes original research.*
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