Publishing Institution:

Institute of World Economics and Politics

The Institute of World Economy and Politics (IWEP) created in 2003 under the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts independent research on a wide range of issues related to Kazakhstan, including global economy, geopolitics, security, intercultural relations, religion and regional integration. The Institute provides this information and analysis to the country’s leadership and participates in the public policy development, both domestically and internationally. It also serves as a platform for public policy discussions and a conduit for communicating Kazakhstan’s positions internationally. To achieve these goals, IWEP conducts diverse programs, including: Economic, policy and public opinion research, implemented independently or in cooperation with domestic and international partners; Publication of research findings and analytical materials; Organization of conferences, roundtables, seminars and symposiums; Publication of media articles, including columns, opinion pieces and interviews on current issues; Joint projects with international think tanks and research institutions. IWEP’s research team includes experienced professionals with strong background in sociology, political sciences and economics.
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