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Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE)

The Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE) is a private non-profit research center with no political affiliation. Its mission is to develop applied research to stimulate and enrich the debate, design and implementation of public policy. Since being founded in 1980, in Lima, Peru, GRADE has been dedicated to undertaking economic, educational, environmental and social studies in areas relevant to the development of Peru and other Latin American countries. The institution aims to disseminate the results of its work to policy makers and the general public. In order to meet its strategic objectives, GRADE’s employees carry out academically rigorous research with a high level of objectivity in order to ensure that conclusions drawn on the nature and causes of economic and social processes are supported by solid empirical evidence. Thanks to the work it has carried out over the last two decades, GRADE is considered one of the most important social research centers in Peru and Latin America. The institution has focused on achieving academic excellence and making valuable contributions to the formulation and implementation of social and economic policies. Through various mechanisms, GRADE attempts to build bridges between academic research and the public sector.
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