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Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD)

At INESAD Foundation (Institute for Advanced Development Studies), we are convinced that scientific and applied research is the key issue for development. For this reason, since 2006, we have faced the challenge of building a research institution to propose effective solutions to overcome critical obstacles towards sustainable socioeconomic development. Today, we are ranked as the leading Think Tank in Bolivia and we are pleased to work not only to do research but also to disseminate and transfer it to the society as well as to generate debate based on information. We communicate our scientific research to all society by translating it into policy briefs, newsletters and interactive platforms. We transfer information by teaching and promoting training courses. Finally, we propose and then debate our research highlights with policy makers, main stakeholders and social groups to build knowledge together and to contribute with public policy recommendations. For the future, we wish to be joined by new researchers, who can find opportunities in Bolivia, with the necessary resources, to conduct scientific research of high standards as well as with high relevance for development. Beatriz Muriel H. Executive Director
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