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6721. Frameworks for Security and Integration in Europe: Region-Building in South-Eastern Europe

6722. Political Economy in Security Studies After the Cold War

6723. An ASEAN Perspective on APEC

6724. Report on Applying Military and Security Assets

6725. Modern U.S. Civil-Military Relations: Wielding the Terrible Swift Sword

6726. Turkey: Thwarted Ambition

6727. Saudi Arabia in the 1990s: Stability and Foreign Policy

6728. Demarcating an Israeli-Palestinian Border: Geographic Considerations

6729. Landmines: Africa's Stake, Global Initiatives

6730. Future Prospects for the U.S. Defense Budget and Their Implications for Our Asian Alliance Commitments

6731. U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines: Toward a New Accommodation of Mutual Responsibility

6732. The Democratic Control Of Armed Forces

6733. Co-Sponsored Projects: Germany's Role In Shaping the New Europe: Architect, Model and Bridge

6734. American-Ukrainian Nuclear Relations

6735. Caribbean Security on the Eve of the 21st Century

6736. Defiant Again: Indigenous Poeples and Latin American Security

6737. Clausewitzian Friction and Future War

6738. The Major Powers in Northeast Asian Security

6739. Mobilizing U.S. Industry in World War II: Myth and Reality

6740. Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21st Century