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8. Autonomy Curbed? Kurdish Oil Exports Hit Snags from Turkey and Baghdad

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28. Assessment of the role of Caspian Basin in reducing of EU's oil dependence in the light of Russian Ukraine War

29. Amendments in the 2022 State Budget of Azerbaijan: Impacts and Perspectives

30. FDI in Azerbaijan in 2021: Developments and Challenges

31. Assessment of Azerbaijani 2022 State Budget in Context of COVID-19

32. How Violent Conflicts Impact Women in Oil-Producing Niger Delta Communities: A Policy Perspective

33. Against the flow: Europe’s role in kickstarting Algeria’s green transition

34. NRGI Impact: Knitting the Fabric of Civil Society Activism in Tunisia (2013-2020)

35. US Needs to Play Larger Role as Swing Producer of Oil and Gas in the Current Crisis

36. Cutting Putin’s Energy Rent: ‘Smart Sanctioning’ Russian Oil and Gas

37. Not all political relation shocks are alike: Assessing the impacts of US-China tensions on the oil market

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48. Govt Agrees Financial Aid as Houthis Target Oil Sector – The Yemen Review, November 2022

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50. An Analysis of the Effects of Oil Price Fluctuations on the Conduct of Monetary Policy in the Economic