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141. Russian Strategic Culture after the Cold War: The Primacy of Conventional Force

142. Leveraging Submarine Cables for Political Gain: U.S. Responses to Chinese Strategy

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150. Professionalization, Local Military Context, and Reconstruction of the Army in Afghanistan

151. Egypt’s Defense Industry: Dependency, Civilian Production, and Attempts at Autonomy

152. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Political Warfare and Propaganda

153. US Credibility and the Afghanistan Withdrawal

154. Europe’s Strategic Compass: Merits and Shortcomings

155. America’s “Forever War” and the End of the Washington-led Unipolar World

156. High power microwave for knocking out programmable suicide drones

157. Defence diplomatic relations between Poland and China and how they can be improved

158. Russia or the West – Which Should Jerusalem Choose?

159. Neither a Conscript Army nor an All-Volunteer Force: An Emergent IDF Model

160. Defending Our Sovereignty: US Military Bases in Africa and the Future of African Unity