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81. Myanmar: Time for New Regional Diplomacy

82. Space and Missile Wars: What Awaits

83. China's Civil Nuclear Sector: Plowshares to Swords?

84. New Frontiers for Security Cooperation with Seoul and Tokyo

85. Prospects For Russia’s Policy Towards Afghanistan

86. The Integration of the Western Balkans in NATO: a Logical Step in the Strengthening of the Regional Security Community in South East Europe

87. Professionalization, Local Military Context, and Reconstruction of the Army in Afghanistan

88. Egypt’s Defense Industry: Dependency, Civilian Production, and Attempts at Autonomy

89. Toward an Inclusive Security Arrangement in the Persian Gulf

90. The Dominance Dilemma: The American Approach to NATO and its Future

91. Responsible Statecraft Requires Remaking America’s Foreign Relations Tool Kit

92. Nothing Much to Do: Why America Can Bring All Troops Home From the Middle East

93. France’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and its overseas territories in the Indian and Pacific oceans: Characteristics, capabilities, constraints and avenues for deepening the Franco-Australian strategic partnership

94. Somebody might hear us: Emerging communications security technologies

95. Stronger Together: US force posture in Australia’s north—a US perspective on Australia’s strategic geography


97. Limited Rapprochement: Prospects for Turkish-Israeli Convergence of Interests

98. Moscow's Central Role: Have the Rules of Engagement Changed in Syria after the recent Israeli Strikes?

99. A Spiraling Crisis: The different scenarios of Ethiopia’s civil war amid Tigray’s military advancement

100. Pragmatic Adaptation: American Surrender and Regional Acceptance After Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan