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661. Augmenting Our Influence: Alliance Revitalization and Partner Development

662. Russia's Counterinsurgency in North Caucasus: Performance and Consequence

663. Arab armies: agents of change? Before and after 2011

664. El largo camino hacia la gestión integral de la Crisis en la Unión Europea

665. China’s Evolving Reconnaissance-Strike Capabilities: Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

666. Able Archers: Taiwan Defense Strategy in an Age of Precision Strike

667. Standing Watch: Taiwan and Maritime Domain Awareness in the Western Pacific

668. After the Dead Are Counted: U.S. and Pakistani Responsibilities to Victims of Drone Strikes

669. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Fall 2014

670. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2014

671. Diary of an American Woman: First Part of a Three-Part Story Called This Africa in my Dream

672. Content Language Integrated Learning in Polish Higher Military Education

673. International Experiences in the Operationalization of Culture for Military Operations – Field Research Results

674. Military Security within the Framework of Security Studies: Research Results

675. The Recruitment, Education, and Training of PLA Navy Personnel

676. China Near Seas Combat Capabilities

677. Three Expansion Scenarios for Houthi Movement

678. Yemen’s Houthi Movement: Limiting Military Operations Via Political Participation

679. Good Governance of the Security Sector in Turkey

680. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project: Organizational Capacities and Operational Capabilities