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621. Evolving Army Needs for Space-Based Support

622. Parsing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises

623. Another Brick in the Wall: The Israeli Experience in Missile Defense

624. The State-Society/Citizen Relationship in Security Analysis: Implications for Planning and Implementation of U.S. Intervention and Peace/State-building Operations

625. A Russian View on Landpower

626. Toward a Unified Military Response: Hurricane Sandy and the Dual Status Commander

627. Breaking the Nordic Defense Deadlock

628. Always Strategic: Jointly Essential Landpower

629. Making Waves: Aiding India's Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier

630. The Politics of 2 Percent: NATO and the Security Vacuum in Europe

631. Reimagining Pakistan’s Militia Policy

632. Security and Social Developments in Kunduz

633. Nuclear-Armed Submarines in Indo-Pacific Asia: Stabiliser or Menace?

634. A U.S.-China Grand Bargain? The Hard Choice between Military Competition and Accommodation

635. To Shoot or not to Shoot? Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern Militaries Respond Differently

636. An Awkward Tango: Pairing Traditional Military Planning to Design and Why It Currently Fails to Work

637. Challenges for the PLAN in the Western Pacific: Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

638. China’s Military Developments and the U.S.-Japan Alliance

639. Chinese Activities in the South China Sea: Implications for the American Pivot to Asia

640. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2015