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201. nnovation and Its Discontents: National Models of Military Innovation and the Dual-Use Conundrum

202. The Modern Aim and Growth of the Brazilian Defense Industry

203. Preparing for the Inevitable: Climate Change and the Military

204. Taking Back the Neighborhood: The IRGC Provincial Guard's Mission to Re-Islamize Iran

205. Foreign Military Presence in Iraq in Light of the Iran-U.S. Rivalry

206. Tracking and Assessing Governance and Management Reform in the Nuclear Security Enterprise

207. Global Peace Index 2020: Measuring peace in a complex world

208. China Maritime Report No. 6: Djibouti: China's First Overseas Strategic Strongpoint

209. China Maritime Report No. 5: China's Dreadnought? The PLA Navy's Type 055 Cruiser and Its Implications for the Future Maritime Security Environment

210. Global Ukrainian Studies in the Making: An Interview with Serhii Plokhy

211. The future of US-Iraq relations

212. Evaluating our Evaluations: Recognizing and Countering Performance Evaluation Pitfalls

213. Paradoxes of Professionalism: Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in the United States

214. Turkey's Giant Leap: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

215. The Urgent Need for a U.S.-Iran Hotline

216. A Roundtable on Monica Kim The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History

217. Iran Sanctions: The View From Iran

218. The Future of Nuclear Arms Control: Time for an Update

219. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt: The Role of External Actors

220. At a Crossroads? China-India Nuclear Relations After the Border Clash