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401. Trade Policy on the 2020 Trail: The First Debate

402. Home and Abroad: Building U.S. Global Economic Leadership on Strong Domestic Foundations

403. Suriname at a Crossroads

404. Trade Policy on the 2020 Trail: The Second Debate

405. Does the United States Renegotiate Its Trade Agreements after They Are Signed?

406. The WTO at a Crossroad

407. CSIS Brief: Beyond the Brink: Escalation and Conflict in U.S.-China Economic Relations

408. The Economic Losses from Ending the WTO Moratorium on Electronic Transmissions

409. The Sino-U.S. Phase One Trade Deal Is an Imperfect Painkiller. What's Next?

410. Are Your Labor Shares Set in Beijing? The View through the Lens of Global Value Chains

411. TBTs, Firm Organization and Labour Structure

412. Exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Accounting for changes in the Eurozone trade structure

413. Activism and Trade

414. Are global value chains receding? The jury is still out. Key findings from the analysis of deflated world trade in parts and components

415. Determinants of Developing Countries' Export Upgrading: The Role of China and Productive Investment

416. Manila’s Tariff Move on Imported Rice: Implications for the Region

417. Mexico’s Financial Risks: Solving Pemex for a Solvent Mexico

418. Chinese Leadership and the Future of BRI: What Key Decisions Lie Ahead?

419. Subverting the Idea(l) of Equal Opportunity in Global Trade: The Paradoxes of Differentiation for Peripheral States

420. How Do Technical Barriers to Trade Affect Foreign Direct Investment?

421. Testing the Smile Curve: Functional Specialisation in GVCs and Value Creation

422. Busier than Ever? A Data-Driven Assessment and Forecast of WTO Caseload

423. Customs unions in international law: from concept to practice

424. Gender-inclusive governance for e-commerce

425. Global value chains and technology transfer: new evidence from developing countries

426. Soft vs Hard Governance for Labour and Environmental Commitments in Trade Agreements: Comparing the US and EU Approaches

427. The evolution of the EU law against criminal finance: the "hardening" of FATF standards within the EU

428. Trade linkages and firm value: evidence from the 2018 US-China "trade war"

429. What Holds African LDC Exports Back? Translating Global Trade Alert Data Into A Positive Trade Agenda For Africa

430. Exchange Rate, Petroleum Price and Price Determination in Sierra Leone

431. Conditional Pricing of Currency Risk in Africa's Equity Market

432. Econometric Analysis of Gender and Labour Market Outcomes in Urban Cameroon

433. Towards a More Inclusive Globalization: An Anti-Social Dumping Scheme

434. Economic and Energy Aspirations of the Middle East

435. Berry Brothers & Rudd: Family, Reputation, and the Cultivation of the European Wine Trade

436. From India to Europe: The Production of the Kashmir Shawl and the Spread of the Paisley Motif

437. The Chicago Merchandise Mart: How the World’s Largest Commercial Building Fueled an American Political Dynasty

438. Trading the Global Future Part III: Bad Consequences

439. The Trump-led Trade War with China: Energy Dominance Self-destructed?

440. The Global Exchange (Winter 2018)

441. The Game for Regional Hegemony: China's OBOR and India's Strategic Response

442. The Strategic Importance of Antartica for China and India Under Mearsheimer's Offensive Realism

443. Toward a Rules‐​Based International Monetary System


445. Political Signals: Why Are Some Countries Abandoning the Dollar in Their Foreign Trade?

446. Global Issues and Business in International Relations: Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines

447. Quarterly Review of the Georgian Economy (IV Quarter of 2017)

448. Quarterly Review of the Georgian Economy ( I Quarter, 2018)

449. Quarterly Review of the Georgian Economy ( II Quarter, 2018)

450. China Responds to Trade Tensions Responsibly

451. “Triple punch” policies to bring years of trade tensions

452. China will further open up but not due to US pressure

453. Who Can Win the Possible China-US Trade War?

454. Can We Prevent A Full-Blown Trade War Speech Delivered at CF40-PIIE Conference

455. Adapting International Trade Institutions to New Realities

456. Managing Global Disorder: Prospects for U.S.-China Cooperation

457. The U.S.-Southeast Asia Relationship: Responding to China’s Rise

458. Global Monetary Policy Divergence and the Reemergence of Global Imbalances

459. Global Governance to Combat Illicit Financial Flows

460. Explaining the Growth of CSR within OECD Countries: The Role of Institutional Legitimacy in Resolving the Institutional Mirror vs. Substitute Debate

461. Can China Realize Africa’s Dream of an East-West Transport Link?

462. Creating the North Atlantic Marketplace for Jobs and Growth: Three Paths, One Detour, A U-Turn, and the Road to Nowhere

463. Amérique latine - L’année politique 2017

464. Strengthening European Commercial Diplomacy: Prospects and Challenges

465. The Evolution of Energy Fluxes and Cooperation Models in the Middle East

466. Europe and Iran: The Economic and Commercial Dimensions of a Strained Relationship

467. A Study on the Dynamics of Foreign Trade and the Issues of Regional Economic Integration in Central Asia

468. International Sustainable and Climate Finance: Where are we and which is the role of China on this?

469. The Rise of Mega-Regionalism: Revealing Canada’s Blind Spots

470. Crisis in the WTO: Restoring the Dispute Settlement Function

471. The Content of a WTO Climate Waiver

472. Making Reform a Priority for Taiwan’s Fishing Fleet

473. Do Not Fall for the Hype on U.S.-China Natural Gas Trade

474. Reward Work, Not Wealth: To end the Inequality Crisis, We Must Build an Economy for Ordinary Working People, not the Rich and Powerful.

475. The Legal Dimensions of Rule of Law Promotion in EU Foreign Policy: EU Treaty Imperatives and Rule of Law Conditionality in the Foreign Trade and Development Nexus

476. International Investment Law and the Rule of Law

477. The Sino-Russian and US-Russian relationships: Current developments and future trends

478. The EU and China: Modest Signs of Convergence?

479. Renewing U.S. Economic Engagement with the Developing World

480. The Article II Mandate: Forging a Stronger Economic Alliance between the United States and Japan

481. Price Discovery in Commodity Futures and Cash Markets with Heterogenous Agents

482. Immigration and Offshoring

483. China Pakistan Economic Corridor – A geo-economic masterstroke of China

484. Intra-Regional Foreign Direct Investment In SADC: South Africa and Mauritius Outward Foreign Direct Investment

485. The Future Development of EU Exports in a Global Context

486. Shifting Gears in Iraq-Saudi Arabia Relations

487. The Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

488. The Outlook for Energy Under a Trump Administration Major Volatility Ahead

489. The Outlook for Energy Under a Trump Administration Major Volatility Ahead

490. Key Risks Companies Face in Petroleum Investment and Operations

491. Reinvigorating U.S. Economic Strategy in the Asia Pacific

492. How should we view China's rise?

493. Rethinking a Key U.S. Strategic Interest: Energy Stability, Energy Independence, and the United States as a Net Exporter

494. U.S.-Sino Relations in the Arctic A Roadmap for Future Cooperation

495. ASEAN as an FDI Attractor: How Do Multinationals Look at ASEAN?

496. How not to create zombie banks: lessons for Italy from Japan

497. Institutional investors and home bias in Europe’s Capital Markets Union

498. Brexit and the European financial system

499. Fundamental uncertainty and unconventional monetary policy: an info-gap approach

500. Europe in a new world order