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2701. Assessing the Rules - Power Debate in Farm Trade: A Case Study of the Canadian-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

2702. Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Establishment Data for 1992

2703. U.S. Multinational Companies: Operations in 1995

2704. The International Investment Position of the United States in 1996

2705. Electricity: Liberal Futures

2706. Time to Reinvent APEC

2707. Globaphobia: The Wrong Debate Over Trade Policy

2708. Mixed Signals

2709. A Strategy for Launching the Euro

2710. China's Foreign Economic Relations

2711. The Cost of International Justice

2712. Partners for the China Circle?: The Asian Production Networks of Japanese Electronics Firms

2713. As Mexico Imploded: Action and Inaction in the United States

2714. Trading Places: The Caribbean Faces Europe and the Americas in the Twenty-first Century

2715. Possibilities and Realities of Cuba's Integration into the Caribbean: Perceptions of Cuban Entrepreneurs

2716. Trade Policy Options for Chile: A Quantitative Evaluation

2717. Private Investment as a Financing Source for Microcredit

2718. Participatión Ciudadana y Retos Ambientalistas Frente a los Riesgos de la Globalización y del TLCAN

2719. The Accumulation of Human Capital: Alternative Methods and Why They Matter

2720. Hazards in Implementing a Monetary Conditions Index

2721. Regime Switching in the Dynamic Relationship between the Federal Funds Rate and Innovations in Nonborrowed Reserves

2722. Broad Money Demand and Financial Liberalization in Greece

2723. The Revival of the Nation-State?

2724. Economic Structure and the Decision to Adopt a Common Currency

2725. The Syndrome of the Ever-Higher Yen, 1971-95: American Mercantile Pressure on Japanese Monetary Policy

2726. The China-United States Bilateral Trade Balance: How Big Is It Really?

2727. Intellectual Property, Trade, and Economic Development: A Road Map for the FTAA Negotiations

2728. The Politics of Free Trade in the Western Hemisphere

2729. Strategic Global Repositioning and Future Economic Development in Jamaica

2730. National Laws, NAFTA Panels and Multilateral Provisions: Sovereignty or Supranational Rules at Bay