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2601. Competition and Innovation in 1950's Britain

2602. From Economic Convergence to Convergence in Affluence? Income Growth, Household Expenditure and the Rise of Mass Consumption in Britain and West Germany, 1950-1974

2603. Market Integration in the North and Baltic Seas, 1500-1800

2604. Institutional Challenges and Opportunities in Environmentally Sound Trade Expansion: A Review of the Global State of Affairs

2605. Transnational Organized Crime: The Caribbean Context

2606. Globalisation and industrial location: The impact of trade policy when geography matters

2607. Foreign Ownership, R, and Technology Sourcing

2608. The Right Role for the IMF in Development

2609. Reviewing U.S.-Nigeria Relations: New Links to Reinforce Democracy

2610. Misplaced Charity Undermines Kosovo's Self-Reliance

2611. CIAO: Eastern Europe/EU — Transition Traps

2612. CIAO: US/China — Trade Relations

2613. Iran — Investor Inhibitions

2614. Nigeria — Rapacious Corruption

2615. International — Capital Flight

2616. United States — High-Tech Exports

2617. International — WTO Reform

2618. OECD — Inflation Prospects

2619. International: Techno-Stock Troubles

2620. International -- Problematic Piracy

2621. External versus domestic Vs Coastal versus Interior

2622. United Kingdom—Euro Issues

2623. Coping with US-Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

2624. Private Governance and Democracy in International Finance

2625. Domestic Politics and International Relations in Trade Policymaking: The United States and Japan and the Gatt Uruguay Round Agriculture Negotiations

2626. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of December 16, 1999

2627. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of November 18, 1999

2628. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of October 20, 1999

2629. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of September 21, 1999

2630. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of August 19, 1999

2631. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of July 20, 1999

2632. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of June 17, 1999

2633. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of April 20, 1999

2634. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of March 18, 1999

2635. U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services - As of January 21, 1999

2636. Balance on Current Account - As of December 14, 1999

2637. Balance on Current Account - As of September 14, 1999

2638. Balance on Current Account - As of June 17, 1999

2639. Balance on Current Account - As of March 11, 1999

2640. Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: New Investment in 1998

2641. Currency Boards or Dollarization — Solutions or Traps

2642. Heterogeneity and Evolution of Expectations: a Model of Currency Crisis

2643. Emissions Trading, Capital Flows and the Kyoto Protocol

2644. The International Financial Architecture

2645. New Estimates of the United States - China Trade Balances

2646. A Primer on the Balance Sheet of the Eurosystem

2647. The First Weeks of the Eurosystem: An Initial Assessment and a Look Forward

2648. Why Will No One Invest In Bosnia and Herzegovina?

2649. The Globalization of Services: What Has Happened? What Are the Implications?

2650. Hazards and Precautions: Tales of International Finance

2651. Does Talk Matter After All? Inflation Targeting And Central Bank Behavior

2652. Modeling Korean Unification

2653. Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: The Strategic Case For A Payments Standstill

2654. Panama Canal Transition: The Final Implementation

2655. Hollywood and Europe: A Case of Trade in Cultural Industries, the 1993 GATT Dispute

2656. Netanyahu's Economic Record

2657. Latin American Trade Strategy at Century's End

2658. Open Markets Matter: The Benefits of Trade and Investment Liberalisation

2659. Money Laundering

2660. OECD Economic Projections

2661. Start the Trade and Labor Dialogue

2662. ODC Viewpoint - Don't Make Debt Relief A Burden

2663. The New Development Cooperation Paradigm

2664. ODC Viewpoint - U.S. Trade Policy: Misreading the Developing World

2665. The U.S. Perspective on Globalization

2666. Environment and Trade: A Framework for Moving Forward in the WTO

2667. Russia—Caucasian Consequences

2668. EU—Membership Indecision

2669. Russia—Debt Rollover

2670. Theoretical Explanations of Trade Competitiveness and a North American Application

2671. Agriculture and Supranationalism: A Comparative Study on North American and West European Policy-Making Experiences

2672. Dispute Settlement, Domestic Institutions and Political Integration in North America: A Comparative Study

2673. Banking Sector Development in Kazakhstan

2674. Global Banking

2675. Explaining Patterns of GATT/WTO Trade Complaints

2678. Balance on Current Account - As of December 9, 1998

2679. Balance on Current Account - As of September 10, 1998

2680. U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: 1994 Benchmark Survey, Final Results

2681. U.S. Multinational Companies Operations in 1996

2682. The International Investment Position of the United States in 1997

2683. The Domestic Orientation of Production and Sales by U.S. Manufacturing Affiliates of Foreign Companies

2684. Renewable Energy Investment and Technology Transfer in Asia

2685. Time to Terminate the ESF and the IMF

2686. The Yen, the Yuan, and the Asian Currency Crisis Changing Fortune between Japan and China

2687. The Korean Currency Crisis: What Can We Learn From It?

2688. The External Sector, the State and Development in Eastern Europe

2689. Collective Management of International Financial Crises

2690. International Financial Markets as Sources of Crises or Discipline

2691. The New Face of Regionalism in the Caribbean: The Western Hemisphere Dynamic

2692. Free Trade in the Americas: Fulfilling the Promise of Miami and Santiago

2693. Maintaining prosperity in an ageing society

2694. The 1998 Per Jacobsson Lecture: Managing the International Economy in an Age of Globalisation

2695. Coping with US - Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

2696. The Politics of NAFTA: Presidential use of Side Payments

2697. Taking the State Back Out? Comparing French Responses to Globalization in Agriculture and Shipping

2698. Canadian Environmental Movement and Free Trade

2699. Old Wine in New Bottle? The Summit of the Americas in Theoretical Perspective

2700. Environmentalism, Free Trade and Regionalism in Theoretical Perspective: An Unholy Developmental Trinity?