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1. Greenland in the mirror of Puerto Rico

2. Free Association and the United Nations

3. Climate resilience and Cook Islands' relationship of Free Association with Aotearoa / New Zealand

4. For All the Tea in China: The English East India Company

5. Rhodes Must Fall: The Legacy of Cecil Rhodes in the University of Oxford

6. Robert Maxwell’s Expectations Gap: Regulation and Reputation in the British Communications Industry, 1981-91

7. Sexual Harassment in the “World’s Largest Store”: Managing Macy’s Department Store at the Start of the 20th Century

8. Studio 54: The Discothèque that Reinvented Nightlife

9. The violent legacy of fascism: Neofascist political violence in Italy, 1969–88

10. The Long‐​Run Effects of Immigration: Evidence across a Barrier to Refugee Settlement