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1. An Economic Mirage: How Canadian Universities Impact Freedom to Operate

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12. Labor and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

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14. Was Irving Babbitt an Educational Counterrevolutionist?

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20. The Civic University

21. Silk Road Academic Connections: China–Italy Cooperation in Higher Education and Its Implications for the West

22. West African Elites’ Spending on UK Schools and Universities: A Closer Look

23. The Academic Jobs Crisis: A Forum

24. The Role of International Educational Exchange in Turkish Foreign Policy as a Reconstructed Soft Power Tool

25. First Response: Initial COVID-19 Actions from the IIENetwork

26. A Rising or Ebbing Tide: Do Chinese Students Still Want to Study in the U.S.?

27. To Rescue Scholars is to Rescue the Future

28. International Higher Education Scholarships and Fellowships for Social Justice: The Role of Foundations

29. A Commitment to Building a Global Generation: The Five-Year Impact of IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Initiative

30. COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses Report 4

31. International Student Mobility Flows and COVID-19 Realities

32. Spring 2020: The International Student Journey

33. COVID‐19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses: Academic Student Mobility to and from China

34. Income Segregation and Intergenerational Mobility Across Colleges in the United States

35. A Question of Delivery

36. National interests and the impact of student mobility: the case of Canada and Brazil

37. Expanding Opportunity for Lower-Income Students: Three Years of the American Talent Initiative

38. Higher Education as a Pathway toward Peace in Burkina Faso: New Policy Perspectives

39. Searching for a Way Forward in Lebanon

40. 1st Fully Remote & Virtual (FRV) SIMULEX experience keeps 47-year streak alive at Fletcher!

41. Perceived and Actual Option Values of College Enrollment

42. Students’ Union–Management Relations and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

43. COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses, Report 2: From Emergency Response to Planning for Future Student Mobility

44. COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses, Report 3: New Realities for Global Student Mobility in Summer and Fall 2020

45. Studying for the Future: International Secondary Students in the United States

46. Fall 2020 International Student Enrollment Snapshot

47. Internationalizing the Campus at Home: Campus Globalization in the Context ofCOVID-19

48. Developing the Future Workforce: Revitalizing Postsecondary Education and Training After COVID-19

49. Fall 2019 International Student Enrollment Snapshot Survey

50. Who’s Counting? Understanding the Landscape of Graduate Learning Overseas