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1. Chinese companies in Arctic mining are gaming the master plan

2. Economic Linkages across the Mediterranean: Trends on trade, investments and energy

3. Post-American Moments in Global Financial Governance in the New Millennium

4. Capital Account Regulation and National Autonomy: The Political Economy of the New Welfare Economics

5. Reducing mobility of SARS-CoV-2 variants to safeguard containment

6. Monetary Effects of Global Stablecoins

7. The Intersection of Emergent Technologies and Geopolitics: Implications for Singapore

8. The Impact of the EAEU-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement

9. Forecasting exchange rates of major currencies with long maturity forward rates

10. FDI another day: Russian reliance on European investment

11. 5G Technological Leadership

12. Capital Flight from South Africa: A Case Study

13. Unexpected Guests? The Soviet Union and the History of Global Capitalism: An Interview with Oscar Sanchez-Sibony

14. The Impact of COVID-19 on World Economy and China’s Role

15. How ‘demos’ met ‘cracy’: debt, inequality, money

16. Non-Aligned Movement and Its Perspective in International Affairs

17. One Nation, One Language? Domestic Language Diversity, Trade and Welfare

18. Coronavirus Crisis Accelerating Reconsideration of Supply Chains

19. Growth Models and the Footprint of Transnational Capital

20. The China Trade Challenge: Phase II

21. EU MONITOR: Has the time come for a Czech Regional Policy?

22. Transatlantic Sanctions Policy : From the 1982 Soviet Gas Pipeline Episode to Today

23. China and economic sanctions: Where does Washington have leverage?

24. In Dire Straits? Implications of US-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market

25. India’s Great Slowdown: What Happened? What’s the Way Out?

26. Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry

27. Putting Global Governance in its Place

28. India's GDP Mis-estimation: Likelihood, Magnitudes, Mechanisms, and Implications

29. How ETFs Amplify the Global Financial Cycle in Emerging Markets

30. Who Wins in the World Economy and English Football?

31. The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

32. The Political Economy of Europe since 1945: A Kaleckian perspective

33. Technological Disruption in the Global Economy

34. Lost in Deflation: Why Italy’s woes are a warning to the whole Eurozone

35. The Evolution and Current Status of De Facto Stare Decisis in International Trade and Investment Tribunals: How to Understand the Present by Looking into the Past

36. Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

37. A World Dividing: The International Implications of the Sino-American Rift

38. The Birth of the Modern Chinese Banking Industry: Ri Sheng Chang

39. Counting the Cost of Financial Warfare: Recalibrating Sanctions Policy to Preserve U.S. Financial Hegemony

40. Emerging Countries in Global Financial Standard Setting: Explaining Relative Resilience and Its Implications

41. Survival of the International Monetary Fund and Global Economic Cooperation

42. The Aid Effectiveness Agenda: Past experiences and future prospects

43. Denmark's China Challenge

44. EU Pressure on Niger to Stop Migrants is Reshaping Cross-Border Economies: From migrants to drugs, gold, and rare animals

45. Changing Perspectives in Political Economy

46. A Fistful of Dollars? Foreign Sales Platforms and Profit Shifting in Tax Havens

47. Dealing with the Offshore Economy

48. Learning from Success in Climate-Informed Decision-Making: Case Studies Across the Three Regions

49. Lessons Notes on Capacity Development in Africa

50. Caribbean Economies and the Year Ahead 2018

51. Meeting the China Challenge Responding to China’s Managed Economy

52. Pakistan’s Gwadar Port: A New Naval Base in China’s String of Pearls in the Indo-Pacific

53. Rebooting U.S.-China Trade Ties: “Enter Ye Through the Narrow Gate”

54. Southeast Asia Financial Integration and Infrastructure Investment: What Role for the United States?

55. Australia and the United States An Alliance for the Twenty-first Century

56. Representing American Values and Interests in China

57. China and International Financial Standards: From "Rule Taker" to "Rule Maker"?

58. Crisis in the WTO: Restoring the Dispute Settlement Function

59. Busier than Ever? A Data-Driven Assessment and Forecast of WTO Caseload

60. Customs unions in international law: from concept to practice

61. Global value chains and technology transfer: new evidence from developing countries

62. Soft vs Hard Governance for Labour and Environmental Commitments in Trade Agreements: Comparing the US and EU Approaches

63. The evolution of the EU law against criminal finance: the "hardening" of FATF standards within the EU

64. Trade linkages and firm value: evidence from the 2018 US-China "trade war"

65. What Holds African LDC Exports Back? Translating Global Trade Alert Data Into A Positive Trade Agenda For Africa

66. Conditional Pricing of Currency Risk in Africa's Equity Market

67. Shipping Migrants in the Age of Steam: The Rise and Rise of the Messageries Maritimes c. 1870-1914

68. Human Rights and Economic Policy Under the Argentine Military Dictatorship, 1976-1983

69. Explaining Globalization Scepticism

70. Striking a Balance: Straight Talk on the Global Economy

71. Transnational Advocacy Networks. Twenty Years of Evolving Theory and Practice

72. Could Trump Deliver Iran an Oil Windfall?

73. The Crisis of Global Politics: Perspectives from Continental Philosophy

74. A Vision of Africa's Future

75. The Arc of Crisis in the MENA Region

76. Coming to Terms with China at the World Bank and in Development Finance

77. Global Debt Dynamics: What Has Gone Wrong

78. From Deng to Xi: Economic Reform, the Silk Road, and the Return of the Middle Kingdom

79. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and geopolitical tension between Egypt and Ethiopia with Sudan in the mix

80. Learning to Improve the Investment Climate for Economic Diversification: PDIA in Action in Sri Lanka

81. Learning to Engage New Investors for Economic Diversification: PDIA in Action in Sri Lanka

82. Organ Transplants at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, and the Third Industrial Revolution

83. The Dynamics of Africa in World Affairs: From Afro-Pessimism to Afro-Optimism?

84. Automate This: Building the Perfect 21st-Century Worker

85. Qatar: The Limits of Nouveau Riche Diplomacy

86. Cost of Aging


88. After the TPP: What’s Next for Canada in Asia?

89. Measuring Rents from Public Employment: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Kenya - Working Paper 457

90. The Labor Market Effects of Refugee Waves: Reconciling Conflicting Results

91. Gender Matters in Economic Empowerment Interventions: A Research Review

92. Expanding Global Liquidity Insurance: Myths and Realities of the IMF’s Precautionary Credit Lines

93. Fiscal Policy, Income Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Low and Middle Income Countries

94. An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit on the EU27

95. Tightening by Stealth: Why keeping the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve constant is equivalent to a gradual exit

96. Follow the External (Balance of Payments) Breakevens of the Oil Exporters

97. Southeast Asian Perspectives on U.S.–China Competition

98. Managing a Smaller U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve

99. Interactive: Oil Exporters' External Breakeven Prices

100. Geostrategic Implications of China’s Twin Economic Challenges