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1. Dangerous Delay 2: The cost of inaction

2. Seeing in the Dark: Real-Time Monitoring in Humanitarian Crises

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5. Famine Early Warning and Information Systems in Conflict Settings: Challenges for Humanitarian Metrics and Response

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10. On the Brink: As Famine Looms, World Leaders Must Say Up and Deliver Political Solutions to Save Lives

11. From Early Warning to Early Action in Somalia: What can we Learn to Support Early Action to Mitigate Humanitarian Crises?

12. Turning Water into Wellbeing: How an Irrigation Scheme Changed Lives in a Zimbabwean Dryland

13. Beneath the Dryland: Kenya Drought Gender Analysis

14. Climate Change and Human Rights: The Case of the Ethiopian Famine

15. North Korean Agriculture: Recent Changes and Prospects after Unification

16. Moral Hazard? 'Mega' public-private partnerships in African agriculture

17. EU's Readmission Agreement and Visa Liberalization Talks with Turkey: Backing up Turkey's Protracted Way to the EU

18. A Shift in Focus: Putting the interests of Somali people first

19. A Dangerous Delay: The cost of late response to early warnings in the 2011 drought in the Horn of Africa

20. Climate Change as a Conflict Multiplier

21. What Works for Women: Proven approaches for empowering women smallholders and achieving food security

22. Sahel Markets Under Pressure

23. Where There's a Will: Tackling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

24. Integrating Food Security with Land Reform: A More Effective Policy for South Africa

25. You Have Been Warned: One year on from UN declaration of famine, Somalia faces worsening food crisis

26. Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Progress Report, July 2011 - July 2012

27. Tackling urban and rural food wastage in Southeast Asia: Issues and interventions

28. Shale Gas and the EU Internal Gas Market: Beyond the Hype and Hysteria

29. Disaster Risk Reduction – Fundamental to saving lives and reducing poverty

30. Yemen: Fragile lives in hungry times

31. Who will feed the World? The production challenge

32. Never an Empty Bowl: Sustaining Food Security in Asia

33. Thought for Food: A New Dataset on Innovation for Agricultural Use

34. Band Aids and Beyond: Tackling disasters in Ethiopia 25 years after the famine

35. Asia's Next Challenge: Securing the Region's Water Future

36. A Billion Hungry People: Governments and aid agencies must rise to the challenge

37. Suffering the Science: Climate change, people, and poverty