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1. What Synergy of Action in the Fight Against Corruption in Cameroon?

2. Remittances and corruption perceptions in Africa

3. Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped?

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7. 25 Years After the Peace Accords, Democracy Weak in Guatemala

8. Mexico’s Military Knew Ayotzinapa 43 Were Kidnapped, Then Covered It Up

9. The Development Response to Kleptocracy and Strategic Corruption

10. Fighting Corruption in the Arab World Should Be a U.S. Priority

11. War on Corruption

12. Corruption, FDI, and Trade Freedom Relationship Between Turkey and Latin American Countries

13. All the President’s Men – Corruption in the Xi Jinping Era

14. An Econometric Approach on Money Laundering and Its Impact on Economic Growth (A Study of Pakistan)

15. Institutional corruption as the bane of critical infrastructure protection in Nigeria

16. Public perception on Trust, Corruption and Integrity of Public Institutions in Kosovo

17. Citizens perceptions of integrity of public institutions in Kosovo

18. Democratic Backsliding in Indonesia

19. Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring Moment: Can Asia’s Oldest Democracy Weather the Crisis?

20. Tunisia’s Secret Apparatus: Why Ennahda’s Deputy Head was detained?

21. Accountability Keywords

22. Forging European Unity on China: The Case of Hungarian Dissent

23. After the 25 July constitutional referendum: Codification of autocratic rule heightens Tunisians’ fears of the future

24. Mexico Peace Index 2022: Identifying and measuring the factors that drive peace

25. Why Most Communities in Zimbabwe Are Embracing the Right2SayNo

26. Global oil theft: impact and policy responses

27. Countering global oil theft: responses and solutions

28. Corruption and crisis: do institutions matter?

29. The International Dimension of the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption

30. Lebanon after the Elections

31. Anticorruption Guidance for Partners of State-Owned Enterprises

32. Measuring the Impact of Campaign Finance on Congressional Voting: A Machine Learning Approach

33. How to Target Iran’s Kleptocracy

34. Transparency policy in Greece: From citizen empowerment to anticorruption and open data

35. Barriers to Effective Whistleblowing in Botswana: Lessons from the Construction Industry

36. Determinants of Social Cohesion: Cross-Country Evidence

37. Unresponsive and corrupt? Ugandan MPs hold key to how citizens perceive them

38. Corruption and Private Sector Investment in Ukraine’s Reconstruction

39. Halting the Kleptocratic Capture of Local Government in Nigeria

40. How to Destroy an Investigation from the Inside: Ayotzinapa and the Legacies of Impunity

41. Corruption risks loom large over financing of green infrastructure

42. Tax provisioning by extractive industry multinational subsidiaries

43. A model to explain the impact of government revenue on the quality of governance and the SDGs

44. Vote for Free: A Global Guide for Citizen Monitoring of Campaign Finance

45. The Era of Dis-and-Misinformation Volume XXII, Number 1

46. Countering Global Kleptocracy: A New US Strategy for Fighting Authoritarian Corruption

47. The Risks of a Rigged Election in Nicaragua

48. Coordinating the War on Corruption

49. The Impact of Corruption on Nigerian Enterprises' Performance: An Empirical Study

50. What is Wrong

51. Enhancing the credibility of the public office holders asset declaration regime

52. An assessment of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

53. Kosovo Security Barometer Special Edition on Corruption, Rule of Law and Police integrity in Kosovo

54. The Collapse of Lebanon: Scenarios for the Future

55. Absolutely Corrupted: The Rise of an Illiberal System and The Future of Hungarian Democracy

56. State Capture and Inequality

57. Turning the Tide on Dirty Money

58. Book Talk. America Kleptocracy by Casey Michel

59. West African Elites’ Spending on UK Schools and Universities: A Closer Look

60. Operation Condor, The War on Drugs, and Counterinsurgency in the Golden Triangle (1977-1983)

61. Possible Polarization: The repercussions of the Beirut port blast investigation on the Lebanese political scene

62. The Likely Scenario: Possible trajectories after Tunisia’s President exceptional decisions

63. Amidst Disinformation and Geopolitical Rivalry, Bulgaria Returns to the Polls July 11th

64. Russia’s Nationalities Policy before and after the 2020 Constitutional Amendments: Is the “Ethnic Turn” Continuing?

65. Russian Duma Election 2021: Kremlin Supremacy Achieved Through Unprecedented Pressure and Fraud

66. Dark money politics: Why Europe should join Biden’s fight against corruption

67. People before politicians: How Europeans can help rebuild Lebanon

68. How Can Anticorruption Actors Use EITI Disclosures?

69. Diagnosing Corruption in the Extractive Sector: A Tool for Research and Action

70. Recommendations for Strengthening the Role of the EITI in the Fight Against Corruption

71. 2021 Resource Governance Index: Lebanon (Oil and Gas)

72. Reform within the System: Governance in Iraq and Lebanon

73. Hezbollah Has a New Strategy to Survive Lebanon’s Financial Crisis

74. Implications of the Saudi Corruption Arrests

75. Dubai Property: An Oasis for Nigeria’s Corrupt Political Elites

76. Six years after Ukraine’s Euromaidan: reforms and challenges ahead

77. The Eye of the Storm

78. Beirut Port Blast Punctures Trust in Hezbollah

79. Democracy under siege: Advancing cooperation and common values in the Indo-Pacific

80. Pulling Lebanon out of the Pit

81. Moment of truth: Mali teeters between President Keïta and the protest movement

82. The New Arab Uprisings: How the 2019 trajectory differs from the 2011 legacy? (Part 1)

83. The New Arab Uprisings: How the 2019 trajectory differs from the 2011 legacy? (Part 2)

84. Uzbekistan’s New Parliament: Real Reform or Just the Will of the ‘President’s Men’?

85. Whistleblowing in Botswana's Construction Industry : A Public and Private Sector Perspective

86. Lessons from Belarus: How the EU can support clean elections in Moldova and Georgia

87. Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip

88. Demonstration effects: How the Hirak protest movement is reshaping Algerian politics

89. Networks of impunity: Corruption and European foreign policy

90. Bad company: How dark money threatens Sudan’s transition

91. Beneath the Surface: The Case for Oversight of Extractive Industry Suppliers

92. Holding to Account: How Publishing Facts about Foreign Corruption Creates Accountability

93. Building a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain: Frequently Asked Questions

94. Curbing Corruption after Conflict: Anticorruption Mobilization in Guatemala

95. Bridging the Elite-Grassroots Divide Among Anticorruption Activists

96. Iran in Lebanon: A Fatal Occupation

97. The Georgia Risk-Limiting Audit/Hand Tally: A Carter Center Observation Report

98. Boosting Armament to Fight Demographic Decline, Crime and Corruption – Public Opinion on Security

99. The Interplay of Incumbency, Political Dynasty and Corruption in Indonesia: Are Political Dynasties the Cause of Corruption in Indonesia?

100. Treasury’s War on Corruption: A U.S. Treasury Department Strategy to Fight Kleptocracy and Root Dirty Money Out of the U.S. Financial System