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1. One Thing It Lacks: South Korea’s North Korea Policy in 2023 National Security Strategy

2. Tasks for North Korea Policy After the Washington Declaration

3. North Korea’s Space Development: The Gap Between Ideal and Reality

4. The South Korea-U.S. Summit and Measures to Enhance Bilateral Cooperation on North Korea

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8. U.S. Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

9. North Korea’s Outlook on the New Cold War

10. Will Spring Ever Come? Security Landscape of Northeast Asia in 2023

11. China’s Stance on North Korea’s “New Cold War” Narrative

12. Re-Declared “Frontal Breakthrough”: North Korea’s Nuclear First Line in 2023 and Its Limitations

13. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

14. IMperial or Colonial: The War is Fought Over The Soviet Past an A Broken Relationship

15. The West Versus The Rest: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And The Crisis Of The "Post-Western" Order

16. Russia, Ukraine, and Lasting Peace in Europe

17. East-West Relations: A New Cold War?

18. Small States and the War in Ukraine

19. U.S. Foreign Policy an the War in Ukraine

20. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"