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62061. Short and Long-Term Dynamics in the EU's Northern Dimension

62062. The 'Difference Engine': Constructing and Representing the International Identity of the European Union

62063. The Construction of Europe in the Northern Dimension

62064. The European Union and Globalisation: Reflections on Strategies of Individual States

62065. The New Saint Petersburg: A Case of Border-Making or Border-Breaking?

62066. On the Encounter Between the Nordic and the Northern: Torn Apart but Meeting Again?

62067. NATO and The South-Eastern Europe – Powerless of Powerfuls And Power of Weaks in Ethnic Conflicts

62068. Intrastate Conflicts, International Interventions and their Implications on Security Issues, Case of Kosovo

62069. Turkey and Europe: Ongoing Hypocrisy?

62070. Globalisation and the Eroding State Monopoly of Legitimate Violence