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61131. National Laws, NAFTA Panels and Multilateral Provisions: Sovereignty or Supranational Rules at Bay

61132. Disintegration and Consolidation: National Separatism and the Evolution of Center-Periphery Relations in the Russian Federation

61133. The Historical Roots of Environmental Conflict in Estonia

61134. Is Pandora's Box Half-Empty or Half-Full? The Limited Virulence of Secessionism and the Domestic Sources of Disintegration

61135. Maritime Jurisdiction in the Three China Seas

61136. Checklist for the Future of Intelligence

61137. Strengthening of the Balkan Civil Society: The Role of the NGOs in International Negotiations

61138. Bulgaria and the Balkans in the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union

61139. Vital Force: A Proposal for the Overhaul of the UN Peace Operations System and for the Creation of a UN Legion

61140. United Nations Financing Problems and the New Generation of Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement