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59051. Reconsidering Economic Relations and Political Citizenship in the New Iberia of the New Europe: Some Lessons from the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Accession of Portugal and Spain to the European Union

59052. Does the European Union Strengthen the State? Democracy, Executive Power and International Cooperation

59053. Temporary work agencies and equilibrium unemployment

59054. Ties That Bind? The Parapublic Underpinnings of Franco-German Relations as Construction of International Value

59055. Structure as Process:The Regularized Intergovernmentalism of Franco-German Bilateralism

59056. Germany, Multilateralism,and the Eastern Enlargement of the EU

59057. Redesigning the Spanish and Portuguese Welfare States: The Impact of Accession into the European Union

59058. The Marian Apparitions in Fátima as Political Reality: Religion and Politics in Twentieth-Century Portugal

59059. Building the Dual Earner/Dual Carer Society: Policy Developments in Europe

59060. On Democracy and the “Public Interest”: in the European Union