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81. Conceptualizing the Theoretical Category of Neo-militant Democracy: The Case of Hungary

82. Political Process, Crisis and Legitimacy in Poland

83. Where Does the Buck Stop with the Backstop? The Irish-UK Border in Brexit Negotiations: June 2016-January 2019

84. Space Defense in Europe. Policy and Security Aspects

85. Studying Political Violence Using Game Theory Models: Research Approaches and Assumptions

86. Generationally Diversified Labor Groups in Contemporary Labor Market. A Chance or a Threat for Organizations?

87. Maritime Biodiversity from the French State’s Perspective

88. A Lioness Turned into a Fox. A Political Realist View of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi

89. Recognition of National Football Federations and the Diplomatic Role of FIFA

90. The Functions and Problems of China’s State-Owned Economy

91. Dangerous, Yet Not So Unique. Characteristics of the Chinese Social Credit System

92. Illuminating Shanghai: Light, Heritage, Power

93. A Comparison of Nisga’a Self-Government and International Standards of Indigenous Self-Determination

94. Possibility of Implementing the Concept of the Intermarium in the Context of Militant Democracy in Poland During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

95. Research on Systemic Transformation in the Countries of Central Asia

96. Political Trust vs. Turnout in Modern Democracies

97. Changes in the Electoral Code and Their Impact on the Security of the Election The Origin for Discussion Based on Selected Comments

98. Challenges of Georgia’s Pension System

99. Language and Politics in India and China: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study

100. China in the Geopolitical Imaginations of the Polish Pop Music after 1989