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52491. Environmentalism, Free Trade and Regionalism in Theoretical Perspective: An Unholy Developmental Trinity?

52492. Assessing the Rules - Power Debate in Farm Trade: A Case Study of the Canadian-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

52493. Frameworks for Security and Integration in Europe: Region-Building in South-Eastern Europe

52494. Private Equity Investment in Hungary: the Competitive Edge as a Force for Innovation

52495. Post-totalitarian Legacies, Civil Society, and Democracy in Post-Communist Poland, 1989-1993

52496. Political Economy in Security Studies After the Cold War

52497. Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia

52498. Liberals, Radicals, and Women's Citizenship in Chile, 1872-1930

52499. APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC

52500. An ASEAN Perspective on APEC