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52481. Sankin Kotai: Institutionalized Trust as the Foundation for Economic Development in the Tokugawa Era

52482. U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines: Toward a New Accommodation of Mutual Responsibility

52483. China's Foreign Economic Relations

52484. Westphalia in Europe as West Failure Abroad? A Comparative Study of the Fate of the Nation-State in Non-Europe

52485. Coping with US - Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

52486. The Politics of NAFTA: Presidential use of Side Payments

52487. Taking the State Back Out? Comparing French Responses to Globalization in Agriculture and Shipping

52488. Canadian Environmental Movement and Free Trade

52489. Old Wine in New Bottle? The Summit of the Americas in Theoretical Perspective

52490. Interest Groups in American Politics: Conceptual Elements and Key Literature