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52151. Variation of Clinical Judgment in Cases of Hysterectomy in R.O.C, Japan, England, and the United States

52152. Japan's China Perceptions and its Policies in the Alliance with the United States

52153. Chinese Military Modernization and Asian Security

52154. The Origins and Evolution of the Korean-American Alliance: A Japanese Perspective

52155. East Asian Urbanization: Patterns, Problems, and Prospects

52156. China's Post-Deng Military Leadership: New Faces, New Trends

52157. The Korean Currency Crisis: What Can We Learn From It?

52158. Benefits and Burdens: The Politically Dominated Economics of U.S. Alliances with Japan and Korea

52159. The Costs and Benefits of Korean Unification

52160. China's Accession to and Implementation of International Environmental Accords 1978 - 95