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1. Profit-shifting behaviour of emerging multinationals from India

2. Does aid to the productive sectors cause manufacturing sector growth in Africa?

3. Impact of teacher content knowledge on student achievement in a low-income country

4. Measuring illicit financial flows: A gravity model approach to estimate international trade misinvoicing

5. Ethnic dominance and exclusion: Unpacking cross-national data

6. Taxless fiscal states: Lessons from 19th-century America and 21st-century China

7. The global inequality boomerang

8. Impact of female peer composition on gender norm perceptions and skills formation in secondary school

9. Monetary policy in South Africa, 2007–21

10. Two decades of Tanzanian health policy Examining policy developments and opportunities through a gender lens

11. Affirmative action with no major switching: Evidence from a top university in Brazil

12. Affirmative action: meaning, intentions, and impacts in the big picture

13. The indirect costs of corporate tax avoidance exacerbate cross-country inequality

14. The Tanzanian state response to COVID-19: Why low capacity, discursive legitimacy, and twilight authority matter

15. Countering global oil theft: responses and solutions

16. Profit shifting by multinational corporations: Evidence from transaction-level data in Nigeria

17. Corruption and crisis: do institutions matter?

18. Exploring social policy trajectories in Mainland Tanzania: Driving for gender-inclusive development?

19. Profit shifting by multinational corporations in Kenya: The role of internal debt

20. Whose intergenerational mobility? A new set of estimates for Indonesia by gender, geography, and generation

21. Cybersecurity for innovative small and medium enterprises and academia

22. What do we know about cyber operations during militarized crises?

23. The Afghan refugee crisis: How to resurrect the global refugee resettlement coalition

24. US-China vaccine diplomacy: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean

25. THE DAY AFTER: Anticipating trouble in the event of a US withdrawal from Syria

26. The Rising National Security Threats from Climate Change in the Mediterranean Region

27. Iraq: Implementing a way forward

28. Afghanistan: Where US-Iranian interests may yet intersect

29. Toward a Framework for Transatlantic Cooperation on Non-State Armed Groups

30. Attacks on Hospitals from Syria to Ukraine: Improving Prevention and Accountability Mechanisms

31. Entangling alliances? Europe, the United States, Asia, and the risk of a new 1914

32. Saudi Arabia’s Engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

33. Palestinian Expectations from The Biden Administration

34. ‘Peace through Health’ in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Ground for dialogue or guise for continued occupation?

35. Energy as a Tool for Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding

36. Environmental Organizations as Potential Players in the Peace Process

37. One step forward, one step back: International discourse on advancing Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking

38. Prosperity and Resilience: Diverse Production and Comparative Advantage in Modern Economies

39. Time for Fresh Thinking on Northern Ireland and Brexit

40. Strategic Autonomy and Long-term Innovation Competitiveness: On the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights for the Production of High-Value Medicines in the EU

41. The EU Digital Markets Act: Assessing the Quality of Regulation

42. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Fairest Clauses of Us All? Stress-testing the Application of Mirror Clauses to Pesticides

43. When the State Becomes the Only Buyer: Monopsony in China’s Public Procurement of Medical Technology

44. Should the EU Pursue a Strategic Ginseng Policy? Trade Dependency in the Brave New World of Geopolitics

45. After the DMA, the DSA and the New AI regulation: Mapping the Economic Consequences of and Responses to New Digital Regulations in Europe

46. The New Wave of Defensive Trade Policy Measures in the European Union: Design, Structure, and Trade Effects

47. Processing Trade and Global Supply Chains: Towards a Resilient “GVC 2.0” Approach

48. The Role of Non-Pecuniary Considerations: Location Decisions of College Graduates from Low Income Backgrounds

49. A Task-Based Theory of Occupations with Multidimensional Heterogeneity

50. MIT X TAU Series: Africa's Information Technologies