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1. The Impact of Populist Executive on the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America

2. Duterte’s pandemic populism: Strongman leadership, weak state capacity, and the politics of deployment in the Philippines

3. The Crisis of Civilization Paradigm: Co-Radicalization of Islamist and Populist Groups in Europe

4. The Pandemic Exposes and Exacerbates Existing Problems of Inequality and Polarization

5. Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring Moment: Can Asia’s Oldest Democracy Weather the Crisis?

6. Authoritarian Populism as a Response to Crisis: The Case of Brazil

7. Who are the populists and how to respond to them: Evidence from mainstream European Parliament parties

8. The ghost people and populism from above: The Kais Saied case

9. How Populism Dies: Political Weaknesses of Personalistic Plebiscitarian Leadership

10. One world, many knowledges: Epistemological pluralism and African scholarship (Full Issue)

11. Understanding and Responding to Global Democratic Backsliding

12. Mexico 2018-2021: Pandemic, Crisis, Security and Geopolitics/México 2018-2021: Pandemia, Crisis, Seguridad y Geopolítica

13. Lebanese Trade Unions and Independent Professional Associations: A Review in Light of the Popular Movement

14. To the Viktor Go the Spoils: What Orbán Needs to Form a New Political Camp in Europe

15. Populism and COVID19: How Populist Governments (Mis)Handle the Pandemic

16. Local David Versus Global Goliath: Populist Parties and the Decline of Progressive Politics in Italy

17. The U.S. and Hungary: Friends in Need of a Better Way

18. How concerning is Bolsonaro’s recent political and military shakeup?

19. The Importance of International Partnerships for Israel’s Progressive Camp

20. Talking about Europe: exploring 70 years of news archives

21. Interest in European matters: a glass three-quarters full?

22. Exporting the War on Terror: Islamophobia in Asia

23. The Limits of Democracy

24. Populism and the Pandemic in Southeast Asia

25. Riding the Populist Wave – Europe’s Mainstream Right in Crisis

26. The Applicability of Transitional Justice in Pre-Conflict Contexts

27. Unconstitutional Populism: A Peril to Democracy In Sub-Saharan Africa?

28. With Friends Like These: The Kremlin’s Far-Right and Populist Connections in Italy and Austria

29. Foreign Policy as a Contested Front of the Cultural Wars in Turkey: The Middle East and Turkey in the Era of the AKP

30. Disillusionment with liberal democracy in the Visegrad countries

31. Combating Populism: A Toolkit for Liberal Democratic Actors

32. September 2020 Issue

33. Populism and the Pandemic

34. The End of History Revisited

35. The Pushback Against Populism: Running on “Radical Love” in Turkey

36. Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Gender Movements: The Same Coin with Different Faces

37. Backsliding of democracy in Slovenia under right-wing populist Janez Janša

38. Argentina: A Tentative Case for Democratic Populism

39. “To protect national sovereignty from the EU?” The 2019 EP elections and populist parties in V4 countries

40. The US Elections 2020: What Future for Democracy, Social Movements, and Human Rights?

41. Coronavirus and the Future of Globalization

42. Northern Populism: Causes and Consequences of the New Ordered Outlook

43. Populist Leaders and the Economy

44. Panel 2: Islamophobia in Asia: Genocide and Detention

45. Defeating Exclusion, Confronting Populism - Lessons from the Anti Apartheid Struggle

46. Measuring the Rise of Economic Nationalism

47. Poland’s 2019 election: Bright prospects for the populist Right

48. To Stay or to Go? How European Right-wing Populist Parties are Adjusting to the Post-Brexit Era Public Opinion

49. The Refugee Crisis, Brexit and the Rise of Populism: Major Obstacles to the European Integration Process

50. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

51. Democracy Facing Global Challenges: V-DEM ANNUAL DEMOCRACY REPORT 2019

52. Populism and Social Cohesion in Latin America: Two Sides of the same coin

53. Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy

54. Resisting State Capture in South Africa

55. Modern Monetary Theory: Cautionary Tales from Latin America

56. How extreme is the European far right? Investigating overlaps in the German far-right scene on twitter

57. Trumps Dangerous Vision for Palestine

58. The Kushner Plan: Keeping Israeli-Palestinian Peace out of Reach

59. Populism: Consequences for Global Sustainable Development

60. From De-Europeanisation to Anti-Western Populism: Turkish Foreign Policy in Flux

61. Contested Issues Surrounding Populism in Public and Academic Debates

62. Prison populism in Latin America

63. Russia’s Promotion of Illiberal Populism: Tools, Tactics, Networks

64. Authority and Populism in the Age of Trump

65. Global and Local Challenges in Argentina and Brazil

66. EU's Refugee Crisis: From Supra-Nationalism to Nationalism?

67. An International Look at the Women’s Movement: The Gender Agenda of the Global South

68. The Populist Challenge to Liberal Democracy

69. Insidious Threats to Academic Freedom in the US and Abroad

70. The European Citizens' Initiative, A Sufficient Tool to Bring Europe Closer to Its Citizens

71. Europe’s Populist Challenge

72. The Economic and Social Roots of Populist Rebellion: Support for Donald Trump in 2016

73. Rising to the Populist Challenge: A new Playbook for Human Rights Actors

74. When Populism Meets Nationalism