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1. Starr Forum: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire and the seeds of the new European war

2. Political Prisoners to Ortega’s Narrative

3. Money and Colonialism in Canada: An Interview with Brian Gettler

4. War and Conflict in the African Sahel Fruit of History and permanent War Between Two Empires: The Arab-Islamic Empire and the Western Empire

5. Fall 2020 edition of Strategic Visions

6. Spring 2021 edition of Strategic Visions

7. Race and Empire: Legal Theory Within, Through, & Across National Borders

8. Mobility and Empire in Japanese History

9. Religion and Empire: Islam as a Structural Force in the Umayyad and the Ottoman Empires

10. Reconsidering Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

11. How the Socialist Economy was destroyed in the USSR (One reason for the collapse of the country)

12. The Janus Faces of Money, Property, and Governance: Fiscal Finance, Empire, and Race

13. Perceptions and Reflections of the Security Crisis in the Black Sea Region

14. The Secret Testimony of the Peel Commission (Part II): Partition

15. In the Shadow of the British Empire: International Law and the State of Decolonization

16. The Philippine Revolution constructs ‘Asia’ and Civilization from the periphery

17. Liberalism in Pre-revolutionary Russia: An interview with Susanna Rabow-Edling

18. Youth, God, and Empire: Interview With Dr. Joy Schulz

19. A Roundtable on Daniel Immerwahr, How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States

20. Spring 2020 edition of Strategic Visions

21. The Secret Testimony of the Peel Commission (Part 1): Underbelly of Empire

22. Kashmir: A Case for Self-Determination

23. Wartime Experiences and Indigenous Identities in the Japanese Empire

24. Fall 2018 edition of Strategic Visions

25. The Russians are… Leaving?

26. How to Think About Postwar Asia: Demobilization in the Former Japanese Empire

27. Crimea 2.0: Will Russia seek reunification with Belarus?