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1. UK-EU Relations Tracker Q3

2. Net-Zero and Nonproliferation: Assessing Nuclear Power and Its Alternatives

3. The Devastating Impact of Lebanon’s Environmental Failures

4. Jordan’s Escalating Border Threats Amid Regional Upheaval

5. The Red-Hot Blue Line

6. Domestic Disagreements Limit Netanyahu’s Options with Washington

7. Taiwan’s Offshore Islands: Assessments Of Support For Integration

8. Xi Demands Fealty Despite Domestic And Foreign Woes

9. CCP Ideological Indoctrination, Part 2: The New Plan for Training Party Cadres

10. Xi’s New Year’s Speech Dismisses Difficulties

11. China’s Anti-Corruption Efforts Gain Momentum in Finance and Healthcare

12. Beijing’s Aggression Behind Emerging India-Philippines Defense Relationship

13. The Polish Economy 2023 and Beyond: How to Mend Home Loans

14. Global IR Research Programme: From Perplexities to Progressions

15. Socializing IR: Turkish IR Scholars and their Twitter Interactions

16. Disciplinary Boundaries and Methodological Issues of Teaching Geopolitics in Turkey

17. Realism’s Timeless Wisdom and its Relevance for the Global South

18. The Dark Side of the Moon: An Ever-Fragmenting Discipline and Turkish IR in “the Outer Periphery”

19. Are We There Yet? A Global Investigation of Knowledge Inclusion in International Relations Theory Curricula

20. Western-Centric Moments in Homegrown IR Theories: Dependency, Chinese and African Schools

21. Fiji: Briefing sheet

22. Fiji: Political structure

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25. Laos: Political structure

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27. Montenegro: Political structure

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31. Sweden: Briefing sheet

32. Senegal: Country outlook

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38. Myanmar: Political structure

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41. Slovakia: Political structure

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43. Portugal: Economic structure

44. Portugal: Political structure

45. Gabon: Country outlook

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50. Argentina: Country forecast summary